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NEW EU Press release 15-07-2015

Glass industries want ETS reform to support a competitive low-carbon economy

A reform of the post-2020 ETS is much awaited by Europe’s glass industries. Because of their long investment cycles, glass industries have repeatedly called for predictability and stability to be at the core of the ETS to ensure that expected levels of Green House Gas (GHG) Read more »
NEW Buildings Press release 15-05-2015

Time to show support for an EU energy label for windows

Talking about the energy transition last March, Commissioner Arias Cañete highlighted in his speech to the Citizens Energy Forum that “No consumer will change their behaviour unless they understand what's in it for them. Consumers need access to information that is clear, understandable, reliable and delivered in real-time” Read more »
EU Press release 25-02-2015

Buildings and transport first in line for energy efficiency efforts

With the Energy Union framework strategy released today by the European Commission, energy efficiency is at last provided the focus it deserves to contribute fully to a secure, sustainable, competitive and affordable energy system for Europe. ‘Energy efficiency first’ should not be just a motto, it is the core principle of the trias energetica: all actions to reduce energy use must be undertaken first Read more »
Buildings Position Paper 13-11-2014

Daylight and glazing requirements in new constructions

Glazed surfaces in buildings play a pivotal role to ensure the design and construction of genuinely sustainable buildings. The use of glass in constructions delivers economic, environmental and social objectives, all of which are central when defining sustainable buildings. In order to support a shift Read more »
Env Position Paper 15-09-2014

Ensuring effective protection against carbon leakage after 2020

The 2014 quantitative assessment carried out by the European Commission for establishing the carbon leakage list for the period 2015-2019 has shown a 20% increase in the risk of carbon leakage in the flat glass... Read more »
Auto Position paper 13-02-2013

Taking account of glazing’s role in reducing CO2 emissions from the car fleet

Under regulation EC 443(2009)1, the EU-wide CO2 emission target for passenger cars is currently set at 120 g/km. This target must be met through improvements to power train performance, as measured by the NEDC test cycle, and credits obtained via the eco-innovation scheme. In addition to these tools, 10g CO2/km are meant to be saved by way of complementary measures. Read more »
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