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NEW Env Position paper 25-03-2014

EU waste legislation & building glass recycling

At a time when Europe’s flat glass manufacturers are faced with high energy costs, grasping the energy saving potential associated with an increase use of recycled glass could become a cost-effective solution to Read more »
NEW EU Press Release 06-03-2014

Industrial renaissance in the flat glass sector

Glass for Europe is proud to release its policy manifesto for the next mandate of the European Commission and Parliament. The document entitled “Glass for Europe’s Industrial Renaissance” sets out policies measures that need to be developed Read more »
NEW EU Press release 05-01-2014

EP stance on energy efficiency: the victory of logic and rationale thinking

With the adoption by the European Parliament of the report on a 2030 framework for climate and energy policies, MEPs have clearly spoken out in favour of a binding energy efficiency objective for 2030. This move is very much welcomed by Glass for Europe, as it recognizes the necessity of both a target and specific policy measures to grasp the cost-effective energy saving potential of non-ETS sectors and particularly that of buildings. Read more »
Env Study 17-12-2013

Study confirms the insignificance of lead & cadmium migration in flat glass

For understandable public health concerns and environmental considerations, European authorities are keen to ensure that heavy metals, and in particular lead and cadmium, are not substantially present in materials composing everyday life products. Read more »
Buildings Position paper 23-03-2013

Position paper on a window energy labelling scheme

Directive 2010/30/EU extends the scope of energy labelling to energy-related products, i.e. products, like windows, that do not directly consume energy, but indirectly affect the energy consumption of a wider system such as a building. It aims to encourage end users’ to make an informed choice and opt for highly energy-efficient products through the provision of accurate, relevant and comparable information. Read more »
Auto Position paper 13-02-2013

Taking account of glazing’s role in reducing CO2 emissions from the car fleet

Under regulation EC 443(2009)1, the EU-wide CO2 emission target for passenger cars is currently set at 120 g/km. This target must be met through improvements to power train performance, as measured by the NEDC test cycle, and credits obtained via the eco-innovation scheme. In addition to these tools, 10g CO2/km are meant to be saved by way of complementary measures. Read more »

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