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NEW Buildings Press Release 28-03-2018

Christian Quenett (NSG Group) elected new Chairman of Glass for Europe

Dr. Christian Quenett, Head of Architectural Glass Europe Pilkington Deutschland AG (NSG Group), has been elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of Glass for Europe. Read more »
NEW EU Public consultation 28-03-2017

Glass for Europe answers to EC consultation on CPR

Uniform rules for the CE marking of construction products are essential to safeguard a properly functioning single market. Past experience and evidence in other industrial sectors have shown how mutual recognition schemes generate useless complexity and additional costs while national schemes are sometimes used as barriers to trade within the single market. Read more »
Env Press Release 18-12-2017

Glass for Europe welcomes the provisional agreement found on the waste package

Yesterday, a provisional agreement was reached between the three institutions on the waste package. Glass for Europe, the trade association of Europe’s flat glass sector, which manufactures energy saving technologies for the building, transport and solar-energy sectors, welcomes that an agreement could be found. Read more »
Ren Position Paper 23-03-2017

Making Europe’s buildings highly energy efficient

Glass for Europe welcomes the European Commission’s repeated commitment to put energy efficiency at the heart of the EU energy and climate policy. However, the European flat glass sector, represented by Glass for Europe, regrets that ‘the Clean Energy for all Europeans package’ 1 proposed by the European Commission does not put forward regulatory measures commensurate with the stated ambition on energy efficiency. Read more »
Buildings Position Paper 13-11-2014

Daylight and glazing requirements in new constructions

Glazed surfaces in buildings play a pivotal role to ensure the design and construction of genuinely sustainable buildings. The use of glass in constructions delivers economic, environmental and social objectives, all of which are central when defining sustainable buildings. In order to support a shift Read more »
Auto Position paper 13-02-2013

Taking account of glazing’s role in reducing CO2 emissions from the car fleet

Under regulation EC 443(2009)1, the EU-wide CO2 emission target for passenger cars is currently set at 120 g/km. This target must be met through improvements to power train performance, as measured by the NEDC test cycle, and credits obtained via the eco-innovation scheme. In addition to these tools, 10g CO2/km are meant to be saved by way of complementary measures. Read more »

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