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Our vision

Glass is a high-tech material vital to the safety, security, comfort and performance of buildings and cars. In all its numerous applications, glass enables further innovation and enhances people’s life and the environment.

As innovative providers of state-of-the-art products, solutions and technologies, flat glass manufacturers strive to develop and manufacture in the most sustainable way glass solutions responding to today’s and tomorrow’s needs and expectations of customers and Society.

Together in Glass for Europe, flat glass manufacturers envision to be valued for their products and their numerous contributions to Europe’s society, economy and the environment.

Our mission

Glass for Europe's mission is to support and enable a dynamic, influential and valued flat glass industry in the European Union, by way of advocacy and targeted communication activities meant:

  • to disseminate the vision of the flat glass industry to opinion leaders, the specialised press and policy makers in Brussels and across Europe.
  • to explain and promote the values and contributions of the industry and its products to Europe’s society, economy and the environment.
  • to represent the interests of our members in the EU policy-making process, including when relevant, to relay messages towards national decision-makers, in cooperation with local partners.
  • to contribute to the development of EU and international product standards adapted to market needs and legal obligations.