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Our mission

To explain and promote the vision of the glass industry

To ensure that the vision of the glass industry is communicated effectively to opinion leaders including stakeholders in the construction and automotive industries, the specialist press, and policy makers in Brussels and across Europe, so as to enhance understanding and awareness of the contribution of our products to society and to the environment.


To explain and promote the value and contribution of the glass industry and its products

To increase broader understanding of what flat glass is (especially its applications in the building, automotive and solar energy sectors) and to underline the critical and unique role its products play. We do this by providing information to those who need to know and by participating constructively in relevant debates and processes at European, national and international level.


To represent the interests of our Members in the policy making process

To represent the industry in a dynamic, responsible and responsive manner on relevant policy and regulatory initiatives before the EU institutions in Brussels and Strasbourg and other international organisations so as to become and remain a valued and respected partner for policy makers. We also coordinate the representation of the industry before national governments since most EU policy measures and legislation are decided jointly by the Member States and the European Parliament and must then be implemented and enforced at national level. We do this through the member companies, working with relevant national institutions and trade organisations as appropriate.


To contribute to worldwide initiatives on product policy

To participate, where appropriate, in international efforts in the field of product policy such as the harmonisation of technical standards required for product characteristics, the measurement methods and the minimum quality levels required. By so doing we hope to enhance global product quality, better disseminate knowledge, and improve understanding between manufacturers and users. To this end, we work with relevant bodies around the world, as and when appropriate.