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Automotive glass 

The main challenges for automotive glass makers which produce windscreens, backlights and windows for cars and all types of vehicles have traditionally been to provide safety, security, durability, excellent visibility as well as style and comfort for vehicles and their passengers.

These inherent qualities of glass remain the source of technological improvements but the automotive glass industry is also taking an active role in contributing through its products to reduced fuel consumption and fewer CO2 emissions of vehicles, thus taking an active role in contributing to the EU's innovative and technological competitiveness as well as to the greening of the transport sector. 

Similarly, automotive glass makers remain at the forefront of innovation to deliver advanced solutions for automated-driving. This new type of ‘autonomous’ vehicles will require advanced glass technologies including sensors, cameras, antennas and GPS of even better quality to properly function. Many other functionalities could possibly be integrated in an invisible way into the glass pieces.

To find out more on automotive glass products please see the Glass for Europe brochure on the contribution of glass to innovative, green and safe transport solutions for Europe.