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Natural daylight


The benefits of glazing to sustainable buildings

The European Commission is preparing a Communication on Sustainable Buildings with the purpose of reducing the environmental impact of buildings and improving the related competitiveness of construction businesses. Glass for Europe thinks that the Communication may become a missed opportunity for Europe to drive change in the construction industry.

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Glass for Europe - Position paper November 2014

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The distinctive properties of glazing 

Thanks to its transparent properties glazing has a unique ability to provide daylight into buildings and visual connection to the outside world. As such, it fulfils many functions like no other construction materials and these translate into direct benefits for buildings' occupants:

- Improvement of comfort and wellbeing
- Increased visual quality of internal spaces
- Provision of a healthier - and healing - environment
- Increased focus, learning and productivity

David Strong conducted for Glass for Europe a study on the distinctive benefits of glazing which demonstrates that human health, happiness and wellbeing are inextricably linked to daylight. It also shows that by letting daylight into buildings, glazing is essential to ensure a comfortable and healthy living and working environment to people.
To learn more on the distinctive benefits of glazing and the importance of daylight to human health, happiness and wellbeing, please see David Strong' report