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What Is Flat Glass?

Flat glass is the basic material that goes into end products that we see (and see through) every day. It is used to make windscreens and windows for automobiles and transport, windows and facades for houses and buildings, as well as solar energy equipment like solar thermal panels and photovoltaic modules. It is also used, in much smaller quantities, for many other applications like interior fittings and decoration, furniture, "street furniture" (e.g. bus stops), appliances and electronics. This material plays a crucial role in our modern society. However, due to its unique property, i.e. transparency, it goes unnoticed to the extent that people tend to forget about it and all it brings to their lives. In order to promote flat glass and its exceptional qualities, Glass for Europe launched a social media campaign with the hashtag #moreglass

Have you ever thought what would the world be like without glass?





Flat glass is glass manufactured in flat sheets and therefore does not include bottles, containers, fibreglass, rods, and tubes, which are other sectors in the glass industry. Depending on the manufacturing process used, flat glass comes either as float glass, sheet glass or rolled glass. Glass produced by way of the float process represents the overwhelming majority of production.

Modifications, both during and after the float process, are used to produce the main types of flat glass on the market today.