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Environment and manufacturing

The EU ETS reform must anchor the system in sectoral realities

Glass for Europe welcomes the launch of the discussions on the reform of the EU ETS post 2020 with the European Commission (EC) proposal of 15 July 2015. The proposal was much awaited by Europe’s flat glass industry ...


The status of Flat Soda Lime Silicate Glass and its raw materials under REACH

TECHNICAL BACKGROUND - This document aims to clarify the status of the Soda Lime Silicate (SLS) glass used for the manufacture of flat glass products and its raw materials in relation to the requirements of REACH ...


EU waste legislation & building glass recycling

At a time when Europe’s flat glass manufacturers are faced with high energy costs, grasping the energy saving potential associated with an increase use of recycled glass could become a cost-effective solution to support industrial competitiveness...


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