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Window energy label

As part of its European advocacy mission, Glass for Europe issues position papers and contributions on matters most important to flat glass manufacturers. Glass for Europe also works in close cooperation with other bodies and takes part in wider organisations. In this context, Glass for Europe also endorses and co-signs statements.

Below are the latest publications from Glass for Europe. If you wish to review Glass for Europe's positions on a specific issue, please navigate to the following pages:


Glass for Europe's Industrial renaissance
Shaping EU Policies 2014-2020

The European flat glass industry is an innovative and forward-looking industry manufacturing high-tech glass products for the building, automotive and solar-energy sectors. In order to safeguard jobs and establish a proper investment climate for Europe’s flat glass industry to stay at the forefront of innovation...

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The smart use of glass in sustainable buildings

Thanks to the unique properties of today’s glazing solutions, architects now have complete freedom to incorporate as much glazing as they wish in their designs, in the knowledge that glazing can help them achieve the best energy performance, minimise overall environmental impact and provide a comfortable and desirable place for occupants. The following pages present a non-exhaustive list of such buildings. Their shared feature is that they are among the most energy....

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Europe’s flat glass industry in a competitive low carbon economy
Performance, Sustainability, Capacity to help deliver Europe’s low carbon future

As of now, Europe’s flat glass industry sets itself on a path to maximize its contributions to the European 2050 ambitions. Our industry intends to deliver Performance, Sustainability and the Production Capacities needed for Europe’s low carbon future...

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Report - The distinctive benefits of glazing 
The social and economic contributions of glazed areas to sustainability in the built environment

We spend over 80% of our lives within buildings and numerous research studies have demonstrated that glazing has profound implications in terms of human health, happiness and productivity, including quality of life, happiness and a sense of wellbeing ...

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Glass - Contributing to innovative, green and safe transport solutions for Europe
Greening the automotive sector, thanks to glass

Flat glass is an integral part of most automotive vehicles and is essential to Europe’s transport industry. Flat glass is used to make windscreens, backlights, windows and sun roofs for a wide range of automobile and transport applications ...

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Frequently Asked Questions 
Energy saving glazing solutions and a low carbon economy

Light, comfort, wellbeing and style are well-known benefits of today’s windows, glass building façades and construction materials. Advanced technologies in windscreens and windows for cars and other transport provide safety, security and comfort...

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The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive
Business opportunities for the glass industry and national implementation challenges

Flat Glass industry is a leader in the development of energy efficiency technologies for buildings. Different types of glass developed over the years can significantly reduce the need for heating and cooling in buildings and can contribute to renewable sources of energy...

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  Low-E Insulating Glass for Energy Efficient Buildings
How policy-makers could save energy and significantly reduce CO2 emissions to meet EU targets for 2020

Over 40% of all energy consumed in the EU is in buildings. Making new and existing buildings as energy efficient as possible will make significant strides towards meeting the EU’s CO2 reduction goals...

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Solar Control Glass for Greater Energy Efficiency
How policy-makers could save energy and significantly reduce CO2 emissions to meet EU targets for 2020

Residential and non-residential buildings that use more energy than necessary to stay cool are a major source of unnecessary CO2 emissions. In March 2007, EU heads of state and government confirmed the need to save annually around ...

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Bring the daylight in... Yes, let’s make life better!

The study on the distinctive (non-energy) benefits of glazing is the most comprehensive analysis of published research into the benefits of daylight and view provided by windows. The research covers the range of building types...

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Latest Press releases

Massive energy saving potential of windows impeded by an inadequate EU policy framework
Glass for Europe - Press release MAY 2017 

The European Parliament must be praised for its contribution on ETS to deliver GHG emissions reduction in line with COP21
Glass for Europe - Press release FEBRUARY2017

Glass for Europe welcomes EP committee move to incentivise initiatives in building glass recycling
Glass for Europe - Press release January 2017

The parliamentary vote on ETS: a genuine move to reconnect thecarbon market with the realities of industrial actors
Glass for Europe - Press release DECEMBER 2016

More actionable measures needed to meet high energy efficiency expectations in the building sector
Glass for Europe - Press release November 2016

Revising the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive to tap into the energy saving potential of modern windows
Glass for Europe - Joint press release November 2016

First-of-its-kind study sheds light on end-of-life building glass and its recycling in the European Union
Glass for Europe - Press release June 2016

Dr Reha Akcakaya elected new chairman of Glass for Europe
Glass forEurope - Press release March 2016

Glass industries want ETS reform to support a competitive low-carbon economy
Glass Alliance Europe - Press release July 2015

Time to show support for an EU energy label for windows
Glass for Europe - Press release MAY2015

An industrial policy vision for the European glass sector - as seen by the European Economic and Social Committee
Glass Alliance Europe - Press release - APRIL 2015

Highest leverage, quickest roll-out and widest societal benefits: Ambitious building renovation projects are best-in-class for Strategic Investment
Press release - Leading industries in the building energy efficiency sector MARCH2015

Buildings and transport first in line for energy efficiency efforts - Time to mobilize resources and enact much-needed EU legislations
Glass for Europe - Press release FEBRUARY 2015

From global energy and climate targets toward a meaningful sectorial approach: an approach to build on ahead of 2030
Glass for Europe - Press release OCTOBER 2014

The anti-stress formula: Building Renovation 
Press release - Leading industries in the building energy efficiency sector OCTOBER 2014

Where is the EU strategy on energy efficiency?
Glass for Europe - Press Release July 2014

Glass for Europe - Joint Press Release June 2014

Energy efficient materials manufacturers and service providers call for a 2030 energy savings target for buildings
Glass for Europe - Joint Press Release June 2014

To reduce the EU’s addiction to costly energy imports, saving energy wasted in buildings must be given priority
Glass for Europe - Press release April 2014

Industrial renaissance in the flat glass sector - Glass for Europe suggests concrete policy measures in a manifesto 
Glass for Europe - Press release March 2014

Today’s Parliament stance on energy efficiency marks the victory of logic and rationale thinking over unclear political interests and legacy
Glass for Europe - Press release February 2014

Glass for Europe urges the Commission to stay consistent with its own words by setting a 2030 target on energy efficiency
Glass for Europe - Press release january 2014

Glass for Europe demonstrates the fundamental contribution of glass products to sustainable buildings
Glass for Europe - Press release November 2013

Glass for Europe calls for a 2030 energy and climate package that fosters growth opportunities for EU industries
Glass for Europe - Press release May 2013

Glass for Europe releases practical guide to Construction Products Regulation
Glass for Europe - Press release March 2013

Industrial competitiveness goes hand in hand with a binding 2030 energy efficiency target
Glass for Europe - Press release MARCH 2013

Glass industry releases new evidences of glazing benefits to sustainable buildings
Glass for Europe - Press release January 2013

'EU Window Energy Labeling: work must start without further delay' 
Glass for Europe - Press release December 2012

The flat glass industry sets itself on a path to maximize its contributions to a competitive low carbon economy
Glass for Europe - Press release November 2012

'The flat glass industry welcomes the mid-term review of the EU's industrial policy and eagerly awaits the promised urgent actions
Glass for Europe - Press release October 2012 

Secure Earmarking for Energy Efficiency in Buildings in the EU Structural Funds'
Glass for Europe - Joint Press release August 2012 

EED agreement - 'Much more needed on building renovation' 
Glass for Europe - Press release June 2012 

Glass industry has solutions ready to address the challenges identified in the CARS 21 report 
Glass for Europe - Press release JUNE 2012 

Glass industries form a new Alliance on climate change and sustainability
Glass for Europe - Press release May 2012 

Houchan Shoeibi elected new Chairman of Glass for Europe 
Glass for Europe - Press release February 2012 

The Energy Efficiency Directive: MEPs move in the right direction but much remains to be done for the final directive to boost building renovation' 
Glass for Europe - Press release February 2012 

The Green Economy: MEPs must make it become a reality 
Glass for Europe - Press release FEBRUARY 2012 

The cold wave across Europe: a harsh reminder of the need to prioritize investments in building renovation 
Glass for Europe - Press release FEBRUARY 2012 

Energy labeling for windows press campaign
Glass for Europe - Press release June 2011 

"Without stronger efforts to foster the deep renovation of buildings, Europe will only continue wasting precious energy" 
Glass for Europe - Press release JUNE 2011 

'Glass is a great product to be proud of !' Q&A brochure Energy saving glazing solutions and a low carbon economy
Glass for Europe - Press release JUNE 2011